An FRG Giveaway (You Know You Want It)

Hey girl. Long time, no write! It has been a rough semester as I’ve tried to figure out how to balance my personal life (friends and family) with all of the work on… Continue reading

Word-o’-the-Week Special Guest Blog: Zombie (By Molly)

Hey, folks! I’ve been meeting deadlines this week before a month-long freelance hiatus. So my super-awesome pal Molly from Grad Cool offered to research a word of her choice, and it just so… Continue reading

Guest Post @ FabricPaperGlue

Guess who’s today’s guest blogger over at FabricPaperGlue while my friend Mandy is away in Japan? That,’s right—this girl! Check out my DIY tutorial for ribbon napkin rings, as well as the rest… Continue reading


A few weeks ago, I took a lil somethin’ I’m working on to the Shiloh Museum annual quilt fair (photos to come). And while we were there, Marty, the kind groundskeeper, treated me and… Continue reading

First Christmas Card of the Year

Today is October 2, 2012, and yesterday morning I received my first Christmas card of the year.  I know what you’re thinking: “It’s October! Are you serious? We’ve still got Thanksgiving in the… Continue reading

Word-o’-the-Week: Tit for Tat

“But if young women are well practiced in the arts of marginal revenge, the universe has its own sense of tit for tat.” —from Rules of Civility by Amor Towles Once in a while… Continue reading

A Story from the Torah That I’d Never Read Before-ah

Get it? Ha. Today I’m proofreading a book about heroic women of the Old and New Testaments. (This isn’t an innovative, never-been-done-before concept for a book or anything, but as a woman who… Continue reading

On Being Alone

Over the weekend I wrote about Susan Cain’s Quiet and how much I enjoyed the book. Her discussion made me appreciate the part of myself that demands some (a lot of?) “alone time” in… Continue reading

Audiobook Rec: ‘Quiet’ by Susan Cain

A few (several?) years ago I took a Myers-Briggs exam at my undergraduate university. I don’t remember all of the results (since at the time, I thought “personality type” was totally bunk-y), but… Continue reading

Word-o’-the-Week: Cancer

Hi everyone! There is some good news to report regarding my mom—specifically, that a PET-scan from Thursday indicated that the tumor in her pancreas has not metastasized to other regions. We asked the… Continue reading

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